Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel

Group Bar Mitzvah Trips to Israel

We begin to understand exactly what you want Bar Mitzvah Trips to Israel and all of a sudden, things make sense. We are here to create that calm feeling undergoing a stress-free environment as we live in this field and provide our clients with the best and most diverse possibilities as to what the routes are that can be taken. We know exactly who to speak to, we are familiar with the top subcontractors, with the best prices and give our clients their money’s worth. We lift the weight, as the only thing we need your shoulders to carry is your son’s happiness.


As the journey begins and all your invitees arrive in Israel, on flights, we are here to arrange, along with pickups and any sort of transportation necessary, the bond is immediately tightened. As we do hold experience in creating events and moving mountains for clientele satisfaction, the most important part is emotion. Words will never explain the feeling of affection as friends and family start to connect over the accomplishment of their son all grown up. Just let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll help plan the perfect Bar Mitzvah ceremony/tour/celebration.


Arriving at the best hotels with your loved ones and being catered to uplifts the energy as you are all equally treated as kings and queens. Our team takes care of everything from optional VIP airport pickup to providing personalized suitcase labels. We handle baggage from the landing field all the way to placement in individual hotel rooms wherever it may be in Israel. Our guests need to leave their hands free for cocktails, great food, dances, and hugs… maybe the microphone and tissues as you present the speech you’ve been working on the 12-hour flight here. We provide first-class buses with freshly cut fruit, healthy snacks, warm blankets, chilled water bottles and coffee machines for the long day traveling and memories your about to create! We don’t miss out on anything when it comes to production, as this is our love and foremost our life.


Everything is planned months in advance, tailor-made to personal likings and beliefs, in order to enhance the feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness!  Day journeys start with an espresso shot and custom-made embroidery backpacks for you to use and take home. The bags are for your use throughout the trip to carry belongings and, of course, what we provide. Inside you’ll find a quality hat to protect your “moach” from burning in Israel’s warm sun. Our photographers and videographers might be mistaken for security since they’re always close by to document the adventure! Resisting on taking your own pictures may be hard, as you’ll want your Fb friends along with snapchat and Instagram followers to know what is going on during the trip of the century, therefore we provide phone chargers suitable to whichever device you have, this way you’ll never run out of battery and can snap everything you see! #NothingBeatsThis #DontHoldBack #PartyOfTheYear


We cover all levels of partying, as your group should experience it all. Intimate family gatherings are a must. Partying all night under the stars is essential. Classic dinner bashes are the all-time fave. Shabbat feasts with good food and company are the best and of course, the grand finale celebration calls for bands that perform worldwide, magicians that will make your worries disappear and Israeli chefs that have skills to make your taste buds explode. Partying to Stein-Shani is like water to fish, we can’t live without it, and we won’t!


Whether you want a celebration at your favorite hotel, out in the desert, in a lush outdoor garden, an ancient synagogue or on a yacht in the Red Sea, our experienced staff will help you arrange a memorable day. If needed, we can also put you in touch with a local rabbi. During your time in Israel, we guarantee you with experiences you’ll never forget and producers that will handle it all. Leave it to us. Stein-Shani.


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