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Stein-Shani Event Productions has been known to provide excellent services to customers in Israel, and even more so, worldwide. We understand the struggle and encounters of not knowing who to speak to or who to trust. Therefore, we identify needs of our clients and are parallel in creating ideas with them through all stages of the process.

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Bar mitzvah is one of the most significant ceremonies in Jewish tradition. The transition from childhood to adulthood is the gate to becoming a real Jewish person, obligated to fulfill the commandments of the community. It is not just a religious ceremony but rather a cultural event that connects you to the history of the Jewish people. One of the best ways to celebrate this day is with our Israel bar mitzvah tours. Our tour is a spiritual adventure to the breathtaking landscapes of the Land of Israel. Celebrating the Bar Mitzvah ceremony with us in spectacular locations in Israel is a rite of passage that you will not forget.

Bar Mitzvah tours to Israel

Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel

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