Bar Mitzvah tours to Israel

Bar Mitzvah in the Holy Land

Bar Mitzvah is one of the most significant events for all family members, the most important Jewish transition from childhood to adulthood, a time of change and growth and a new beginning full of joy towards the future.

Bar mitzvah in Israel is a unique event that combines the personal with the historical dimension, a combination of the intimate with an ancient culture that begins at the time of the patriarchs.

Producing the event requires a lot of preparations and thinking. Choosing the appropriate venue is a significant issue, and before selecting the location, you have to conceder carefully which atmosphere would be right for you.

The diverse landscapes of Israel offer you plenty of opportunities; once you truly understand your needs and your preferred scene, you can start your journey.

Bar Mitzvah in the Holy Land a new beginning in Israel

Bar Mitzvah in the Holy Land, in the landscapes of israel, creates a unique atmosphere for your event. Each view has a unique story that combines the historical and the social nature of the place with the religious and personal dimension.

Stein-Shani event productions organize bar mitzvah trips to Israel, an exciting spiritual adventure for all family members. We organize tours to the Kotel and Masada, trips to the Red Sea and the old city of Safed. We will accompany you with every step along the way and would take care of everything you need for the perfect bar mitzvah day, choosing the place and catering and choosing the particular design that suits your needs. Bar mitzvah trips to Israel is a family journey that you will never forget,  a journey of joy and happiness that would stay with you for the rest of your life.


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