Bar Mitzvah tours to Israel

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trips to the Kotel

As the Kotel brings that spiritual meaning to the celebration, we recommend a ceremony by the western wall to enhance your experience with God. Take your bar/bat mitzvah to the next level and make it an unforgettable time that will have a real impact! Stein Shani provides long-lasting impressions on yourself and on those around you. We work with you to custom tailor everything, based on your wishes.


Whether your son has been to Israel several times, or if you are planning a first-time trip, we can completely produce an ongoing event that will give your family and friends just that extra touch you’ve been searching for. We provide transportation for everyone who comes from afar to celebrate at the Kotel since parking can be a hassle and a waste of time. From the bus drop off, we can arrange a group of drummers and shofar blowers to walk your family and friends to the Kotel while they sing and dance and lead you with good energy to the special occasion! We arrange a rabbi to speak to your son before to make sure your son feels connected and feels comfortable with the person that will lead him to his manhood. In addition, we organize a meeting with the rabbi before or even just on the day of the event to enhance the confidence, if necessary. We have many options and ideas for giveaways that you will cherish and keep forever.


For our lovely ladies that desire a bat mitzvah ceremony in holy Jerusalem, Stein-Shani provides divine venues that are irreplaceable as it will bring your spirituality and religiousness to the next level. We combine elegance and culture as we celebrate your daughters fine time aka womanhood and provide a rabbi to lead the service in a fun and special way.


Stein-Shani goes above and beyond with bringing a stronger impact and getting more personal.  We supply siddurs which can have the bar mitzvah boys name imprinted to share with all your friends and family, kippot can be embroidered for all guests, fine shawls can be chosen in style to be given to the lovely woman and the best part… candy will be soft and sweet… we all know what that’s for. We can arrange a tour by the wall, as there are many options of interesting and spiritual adventures that await us, especially when you want to end the day with a stimulating venture that will be remembered forever!

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