bar mitzvah trip to israel

An Israeli Bar Mitzvah Case Study

A very special trip to Israel was created for an incredible family. We produced an eight-day-long trip around Israel to celebrate the youngest son becoming a Bar Mitzvah. The family’s taste and preferences were carefully considered when planning each day of the trip. And oh, what a trip it was!

The Process

The father of the bar mitzvah boy approached us a year in advance inquiring about an over-the-top event in Israel. He described to us that he was open to all options, with only a few specific requests. It was both a challenge and triumph putting together a Bar Mitzvah in Israel at this level, as we were given more free-reign than instruction. Ultimately, this freedom allowed the family to enjoy the most unique experience possible.

The entire Ink & Co. team worked on this relentlessly. We were committed to ensuring every single second of this trip was planned accordingly and diligently. From the moment the family landed in Israel, until their plane back home lifted from the runway, it was all hands on deck.

Of course, with a celebration like this, there are constantly obstacles we had to face. Taking into consideration that the guest list was half adults, half youngsters, we had to triple check that any event we created appealed to all ages.

In addition, the Ink & Co. team had to ensure that although the family was here to explore Israel and get the most out of their trip, they also had enough time to relax. Each day was filled with at least three events which is incredibly demanding on people of any age. The planning process was very up and down. It was a battle between having the most exciting time possible while also giving everyone enough time to themselves in this beautiful country.

Here's What Went Down

In no particular order, here is a glimpse into some of the activities that we created

The Kickoff

In true Israeli fashion, to get the party started, the family started with a party.  We held a fancy rooftop party during the sunset and everyone greeted each other with smiles while dancing the night away. 

Rappelling into the Abyss

The guests took a Jeep tour through the North and later stopped at some caves to do some rappelling. Exploring Israel’s outdoors never gets old, and this particular family, along with their guests, happened to especially love being amongst nature.

Load Your Weapons

After all, it is all about the Bar Mitzvah boy. Therefore, some type of action had to take place. For this adrenaline junkie family, paintball was their first choice! Unconventional, but a ton of fun.

The Big Day

The reason everyone gathered together in Israel: celebrating the Bar Mitzvah boy. His service took place in a beautifully decorated synagogue with speeches from several family members and great energy filling the room.

Vineyard Fun

I beautifully intimate dinner party was held on a vineyard in the North of Israel. Surrounded by grapevines and candles, the celebration went all night. 

A Night To Remember

The night that no one will forget: the party. There were a plethora of guests and the celebration never stopped. With great food and drinks, special guest performances and good music, how could the night go wrong? 

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Roughing It

A diamond (that we created) in the rough. We hosted a lunch at an abandoned bunker in the North. It took a lot of cleaning supplies and some nice decorations, but ultimately, this lunch became a fan favorite for more reasons than just its peculiarity. 

Wake and Lake

By far one of the most hectic and eventful days, the Lake Day was an interesting one. Games, food, water sports and music were planned for the guests. Everything was set and ready to go! Then, the monsoon started. Torrential downpour that began minutes before the guests were meant to arrive. Just our luck. 

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The Israeli Luck

We knew we had to call the father of the Bar Mitzvah boy, and we were dreading it. We never want to let our clients down, but the incident was out of our control. He understood, and pretty much said ‘who cares?’ and that ‘the show must go on’. Somehow, the rain stopped ten minutes before everyone began arriving, and the sun shined once more… literally.


A one-of-a-kind restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv. An Asian dining experience at a location deemed ‘the nicest restaurant in the Middle East’. With exceptional food, drinks and company, the huge yet intimate space left everyone in awe and allowed them to enjoy their time to the fullest. 


Held on the edge of a cliff, a very bohemian setting was created for the guests to enjoy a bonfire. Tents, pillows and tasty food made for a quiet, beautiful evening. 

Surf N' Turf

In between the Torah service and the Bar Mitzvah party everyone relaxed at the beach and the youngsters got surf lessons!